• Fiore

    Inspired by the smooth contour of a petal, the seating shells of the Fiore collection offer a perfectly shaped basis for many different designs. The various chair frames follow this natureinspired stylistic idiom, too: no matter if you choose a cantilever, four-legged frame or a swivel chair, all models can be customised to meet individual needs.

    At many workplaces, e.g. in clinic or laboratory areas, the issue of hygiene is handle as top priority. With the Fiore MicroSilver BG™ models featuring a permanently antimicrobial finish, Dauphin offers the perfect seating solutions for all areas in which it is essential to improve the level of hygiene in day-to-day operations.
    Design: Jessica Engelhardt
    red dot design awards 2017
    German Design Award 2019 – Special Mention
    Fiore was awarded with a special mention by German Design Award 2019 for its outstanding design.

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    Four-legged chair

    Cantilever chair


    FI 7560

    FI 7560

    Award winning


    Bar stool / Counter

    FI 7507_CFB

    FI 7507_CFB

    Bench system